It has come to our attention that various music websites/companies have copied the proprietary content of our website without our written permission and/or license to solicit radio marketing and promotional services to would be enthusiasts. These websites claim to Radio Stations, Client Listings, Major Record Companies and Record Achievements are not factual and are using information to solicit unsuspecting individuals for financial gain. would like to make it known publicly that we are in no way associated or affiliated with; nor have we granted permission to any of these websites to use our content for financial gain.

We are actively pursuing legal action against these websites to remove our content immediately from their website. We are also investigating other websites that are infringing on our copyrights by illegally copying our website for their financial gain. Furthermore, it is deemed unethical and a gross misrepresentation for any company to use another company's client list and accomplishments for their personal financial gain. We believe that this is hurting our industry at large and the integrity of strongly recommends that the recipients of solicitations from these companies and others like them should exhibit extreme caution. Financial loss can result from solicitor's misrepresentation of information. If you have been a victim from fraudulent misrepresented companies, we suggest you report them to your local law enforcement authorities for appropriate action as well as further pursue legal action against them in court.
Although it is not our intentions to put anyone on blast, we strongly suggest that these companies display their own content, accomplishments, client list and testimonials for which they have provided the services for and not use as their own. will continue to work hard to ward-off imposters and protect the integrity of our services and maintain our industry's good name.

Should you have any doubts, questions or concerns regarding the authenticity, association or affiliation of any website/company with, its legitimate Affiliates or Brokers, please send us an email query at before taking any further action in utilizing the service.

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